Setting up an Authorized User in Touchnet (How-to)

Students can set up an authorized user (often a parent) for their Drake Student Account. An authorized user will have access to make payments on the account and change the account settings. For more information on parent access, see

1. Log in to myDrake

myDrake is using a system that allows for single sign-on (SSO) to multiple sites. This means that once you sign into your Drake account to access myDrake, your login credentials will be shared with additional applications. ITS staff is working on connecting as many campus systems as possible through SSO, so the number of systems that require a second login will change.

Go to using your favorite web browser. myDrake works on Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari and is responsive so it will scale to an appropriately sized screen on whatever computer, tablet or mobile device you're using.

At the login screen:

  1. Type your Drake email address.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Enter your Drake password
  4. Click Sign in.

See step by step screenshots at Signing in to Microsoft-connected systems (How-To).

As a student you will land on the Student Home page.

2. Student Account Section

  1. On the Student Home page, look for the Student Account & Financial Aid section on the lower left.The Make a Payment link under the Student Account & Financial Aid section is highlighted in this image..
  2. Click Make a Payment.

3. Authorized Users

  1. Click Authorized Users.
  2. Select Add Authorized User.
  3. Enter email address and select options.
  4. Click Continue.
Authorized User setup screenshot
Authorized Users screenshot
Authorized Users information screen

4. Agreement to Add Authorized User

  1. Check box next to I agree.
  2. Click Continue.
Agreement to add authorized user screenshot

5. Authorized Users

Once setting up an authorized user, the authorized user will receive an email with instructions on how to log in and view billing and payment information.

Authorized users get their own ID numbers and passwords.

  1. To make any changes, click on the cog icon.
Authorized Users list screenshot