Setting up your Refund Account in Touchnet (How-to)

Students can set up an ACH Refund Account. Setting up an ACH Refund Account allows for future refunds to be deposited directly to the student's bank account. For information on parent access, see

1. Log Into myDrake

To log into myDrake, navigate in your favorite browser to

  1. Enter your Drake Email Address.
  2. Enter your Drake Password.
  3. Click Sign in.

NOTE: See step by step screenshots at Signing in to Microsoft-connected systems (How-To).

2. Student Account Section

  1. On the Student Home page, look for the Student Account & Financial Aid section on the lower left.
  2. Click Make a Payment.
The Make a Payment link under the Student Account & Financial Aid section is highlighted in this image.

3. Set up Refund Account

  1. Go to Set up Refund Account.
  2. Enter Account Information.
  3. Enter Billing Information.
  4. Enter a name for your payment method.
  5. Click Continue
Set Up Account Screen

4. Authorize Refund Account

  1. Check the box next to I Agree to authorize your refund account.
  2. Click Continue.

Authorization Screen Image

5. Refund Account Setup Complete

Your new ACH refund account has been saved.

Your new ACH refund account has been saved screen
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