Computer Purchasing Guidelines and Standard Computer Models (FAQ)

In fiscal year 2017, ITS made changes to the process for purchasing computers. The following guidelines cover the responsibilities of purchasing and funding. Each individual department is responsible for funding the purchase of staff or lab computers. The Provost Office is responsible for funding the purchase of most faculty computers, with some exceptions.


All ITS staff are now working from home as an additional measure to protect the health of our campus community. This changes our ability to configure new computers on campus. ITS campus technicians will prioritize all service repairs and emergency issues first. At this time, non-emergency computer deployments are on hold so we can give priority to emergency computer replacements and new hire computers as needed. We will make every effort to meet due dates, but please be aware that computer deployments will be delayed. Thank you for your patience. (4/14/20)

As a result of current budgetary constraints due to COVID-19, requests to purchase duplicate computer accessories for a home office setup will not be approved. This applies to monitors, docking stations, external keyboards and computer mice. The budgetary restriction will be in effect until further notice. (6/22/20)

Computer Purchasing Guidelines

ITS reviews multiple vendor products to find the best alignment with our campus needs as well as ensuring reliability, quality, and performance. Our goal is to maintain an accurate asset inventory list by centralizing the computer purchasing and receiving process.

ITS will place orders for:

  • Desktop computers and accessories (both standard and non-standard configurations)
  • Laptop computers and accessories (both standard and non-standard configurations)
  • iPads
  • Adobe software

Departments will place orders for:

  • All non-IT purchases
  • Computer accessories (hard drives, keyboards, monitor stands, etc.) - anything that was not included with the original computer order
  • Software and renewals – anything that is used specifically by the department and not already covered by a campus-wide agreement managed by ITS

1. Computer Options

Our standard computer bundles are listed at the end of this article. We have options for both Windows and Mac in a desktop or laptop format. All standard models are tested by ITS to ensure they meet our technical requirements. Requests for non-standard computers are considered an exception and will require approval from your budget manager and ITS. Please consult with an ITS technician who will gather your requirements and will contact our preferred vendors for a quote (see #4).

2. Lifecycle Replacement

ITS recommends a 4-year lifecycle for computers to ensure proper function and productivity. It is highly recommended to replace computers on this schedule. You can help ITS maintain a detailed computer asset inventory by following this centralized purchasing process. Questions about the age of computers in your department can be directed to the Campus Relations team. Call the Support Center at 271-3001 and ask for a campus technician. Do not wait until the end of the fiscal year to order computer replacements (see #6).

Software Transfer - If you have specialized software installed on the old computer that needs transferred to the new computer, add a note in the description field of the service request ticket. The campus technician will need to know the name of the software, version, and license code (if available).

3. Funding

ITS does not receive a special budget allocation to fund the replacement of computers. Departments will be responsible for funding the replacement of older staff computers and new staff computers. New faculty computers and faculty computer replacements will be funded by the Provost Office in accordance with standard bundle pricing. We recommend that departments keep track of their computer inventory lifecycles so that funding can be allocated to their budget plans each year.

4. How to Place Orders

If you are ordering standard computer models, refer to the product list below when completing the computer order form. If you are ordering non-standard computer equipment, the first step is getting a custom quote by submitting a Computer/Accessory Quote Request. The campus technicians will work with our preferred vendors to obtain a quote. Then the custom quote should be submitted along with the computer order form.

  1. Fill out the computer order form that is available on the Computer Purchase Request page. The form requires a FOAPAL number and your budget manager's signature. It is important to get the form signed by a person with budget authority because it gets attached to the invoice for Accounting.
  2. Submit a service request through the IT Service Portal: Computer Purchase Request. Create one request per each individual computer user.
  3. ITS will order the equipment and complete pre-installation configuration.
  4. Once the configuration is complete, a campus technician will schedule installation with the employee.

5. Ordering Timelines

Order fulfillment times vary by vendor. Standard computer equipment usually ships within 1-2 weeks. Once all products arrive on campus, allow up to 3 additional weeks for installation. It’s very important to include a “need by date” on the computer order form when ordering for a new employee or for special circumstances (e.g. employee needs a computer before traveling abroad). ITS maintains a limited inventory of spare computers for emergency repair situations.

If you post a new position in Hiretouch and know that a new computer is required for that employee, please submit a Computer Purchase Request right away. The sooner we receive your order request, the easier it will be to have the computer ready by the employee's start date.

6. Fiscal Year-end Deadlines

Purchasing computer equipment near the end of the fiscal year will be limited to allow time for receipt of product and settlement of invoices. New computer order requests need to be submitted no later than April 30.

  1. If product is received on campus in June 2020, it will be expensed in FY20.
  2. If product is received on campus in July 2020, it will be expensed in FY21.

Do not wait until May or June to order computers. We can not guarantee that hardware will be shipped from the vendor in a timely manner. It is common for computer equipment to be backordered during this time of year. Backorders are unpredictable and can delay shipments by three to four weeks or more.

7. Computer Transfer or Decommission

Your communication with ITS about computer changes is important and helps us maintain an accurate computer asset inventory. If you have a computer that will be transferred to a different user, submit a service request for Computer Move/Installation.  A computer must meet minimum specifications to be re-purposed. Allow up to two weeks for the transfer. If you have computers that are no longer in use, submit a service request for Computer/Accessory Decommissioning.

8. Printers

We have a printer lease contract with LRI. If you have questions about adding a new printer in your area, please consult with ITS. We may have access to spare equipment that is no longer being used due to office moves. Drake will not provide reimbursement for purchases of personal desktop printers for home office use. Per HR's telecommuting guidelines, the University will not duplicate equipment resources between the campus work location and the alternate work location.


  • Technical Questions—Call the ITS Support Center at 271-3001.
  • ITS Purchasing Questions—Contact Monita Jackson at 271-3918 or

Standard Computer Models

ITS reviews vendor pricing on a regular basis. This list will change periodically due to price or part number updates.

Please Note: Occasionally people replace an old computer, but choose to keep an existing monitor or keyboard. The new computer options may not use the same cabling connections that are compatible with older monitors. Before you submit a computer purchase request, please talk to an ITS technician to review which parts are required to make a new computer work with older peripheral hardware. Additional adapters may be required.

Current models as of 7/9/2020 (Current price list is available in the File section linked to the right.)

Windows/PC Options:

  • HP EliteDesk 800 G4 Mini Desktop
  • HP EliteBook x360 1030 G4 Laptop

Mac Options:

  • Apple Mac Mini Desktop
  • Apple MacBook Pro 13.3" - 1.4GHz Laptop
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