Adobe Software Purchasing Guidelines (FAQ)

This article explains the different Adobe software license buying programs used at Drake. Adobe software orders must be processed through ITS to ensure the best pricing and allow for centralized software management. NOTE: We cannot guarantee full ITS technical support for Adobe software not ordered through ITS.

Adobe License Program Overview

Creative Cloud software is only available as a subscription-based license and requires an annual renewal fee. Products like Acrobat Pro are purchased as a perpetual license meaning there is no expiration date. Centralizing the ordering process through ITS ensures licenses can be renewed and transferred as needed.

Creative Cloud Licenses:

  • Shared Device license: A shared device license is assigned to a computer rather than an individual user. It does not include access to online services. Shared device licenses are only used for classroom or lab computers.
  • Named-user license: A named-user license is assigned to a specific user with rights to install on up to two computers for work and home use. It includes access to Adobe online services.

Creative Cloud licenses can be purchased as an all-apps bundle or for a single app.

Creative Cloud License – All Apps

Creative Cloud License – Single App

  • The following are available as single app licenses:
    • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Muse, Dreamweaver, Animate, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Adobe Audition, and InCopy

Benefits of Drake’s Creative Cloud annual subscription license:

  • Campus discounts based on license quantity.
  • Ability to purchase named-user or shared device licenses.
  • ITS can easily assign or un-assign licenses as needed.
  • Pro-rated licenses can be added to Drake’s agreement any time during the year.
  • Access to the latest software versions and updates as they are released.

Perpetual Licenses:

  • Common Products: Acrobat Professional, Acrobat Standard
  • Many Creative Cloud products are not available with a perpetual license.
  • No contract term; no membership requirements.
  • More cost effective purchasing method for Adobe Acrobat.

How to Get a Quote and Place an Order

Once you’ve determined what you want to order, the Software Request can be used in a two-step process.

Quote Request (Step 1)

  • Submit your Software Request through the IT Service Portal.
  • ITS will respond with a vendor quote.
  • If you decide not to order, the request will be closed.

Standard quotes are valid for 30 days, with some exceptions. Pricing for Creative Cloud subscriptions change monthly because the license is pro-rated to align with Drake's annual expiration date.

Order Request (Step 2)

After you receive the quote, you can submit an order request using the same ticket number assigned to your quote request.

  • Fill out the Adobe Software Order Form (linked to the Software Request service and this article). The form requires your department FOAPAL number and your budget manager’s approval. It is important to show approval by a person with budget authority because the form is included with the invoice when routed to Accounting.
  • Upload the order form to the Software Request ticket.
  • ITS will order the Adobe software.


For Adobe Creative Cloud named-user licenses: The user will receive an email from Adobe confirming they have access to Drake's license membership. The user then installs the software. Before attempting to download any apps, it is important that users follow the steps to authenticate to the correct account (see the linked article on this page).

For Adobe Creative Cloud shared device or perpetual licenses: An ITS technician will install the license on the designated computer.


An employee already has an Individual or Students and Teachers Creative Cloud membership. Can they switch to a centralized Creative Cloud subscription through Drake ITS?

Yes. If you need to switch, please contact Alicia Mann for additional details BEFORE submitting your order request.

How do I renew my annual Creative Cloud subscription?

Licenses are renewed annually in June before the July 3 expiration date. ITS will review each department's license summary with a budget manager. Renewals will be processed by ITS and the cost will be charged back to each individual department.

What happens to a Creative Cloud subscription license if an employee leaves Drake?

The license will remain active through the remainder of the subscription term but can be unassigned from the employee. If you refill the position and the new hire needs to use the same Creative Cloud software, ITS can reassign the license to them. Contact Alicia Mann for assistance.


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