Setting up Password Recovery Options (How-to)

In order to use the new Password Manager if you forgot your password, or need to change it, you'll need to set up at least one of these recovery options.

1. Go to the Password Manager

To begin this process you can:

  1. Go to

2. Sign In

  1. Enter your Username (Drake ID number or email address).
  2. Enter your Password.
  3. Click Sign In.

Password Manager Sign In Screen

3. Initial Set Up

When you log in for the first time, you'll be prompted to first select a Support Center question.

  1. Click the arrow to view your choices for questions.

Once you've completed the initial set up, you won't be prompted to select another Support Center question, and will just be able to go directly to choosing your recovery option(s).

Initial Set Up Screen

4. Support Center Question

  1. Select one of the Support Center Question options.

Support Center Question Options

5. Support Center Question Answer

  1. Enter the answer to your selected question.
  2. Click Next.

Support Center Question Answer

6. Select your Password Notification and Recovery Option

  1. Choose a Password Notification and Recovery Option. You can Set up Security Questions, Provide Personal Email Address, or Provide Mobile Phone Number.

Choose your Password Recovery option

7. Using an Email Address as a Recovery/Notification Method

  1. Enter your Email Address.
  2. Indicate if you want to use this email address for notifications too.
  3. Click Next.

You'll then skip to Step 10.

Email Address Recovery Option

8. Using a Mobile Phone Number as a Recovery/Notification Method

  1. Enter your Mobile Phone Number.
  2. Indicate if you want to use this phone number for notifications too.
  3. Click Next.

You'll then skip to Step 10.

Mobile Phone Password Recovery Option

9. Using Security Questions as a Recovery/Notification Method

  1. Select and answer three security questions from the pull down menus. NOTE: Answers are not case-sensitive.
  2. Click Next.

After providing answers, you can skip to Step 11.

Security Questions Recovery Option

10. Enter Verification Code

  1. Enter the verification code you received. In this example, it's showing what the screen looks like if you requested the code via text message. You will receive a verification code if you select either the email or text message option.
  2. Click Done.

Enter Verification Code

11. Success!

The success message will indicate which recovery/notification methods you have chosen. You are welcome to use as many methods as you would like, but you are only required to set up one, along with a Support Center question in case you need to verify your identity with them.

Success! Message

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