Panopto Issue

Panopto features a video content management system for creating, uploading, managing, and sharing video and audio files. It’s a centralized, secure place for recorded lectures, flipped classroom videos, campus events, and more. Report any errors or issues encountered while using Panopto.  

What to Expect

Depending on the issue reported, the requestor may or may not be contacted for additional information.  


Please have the following information available:

  • Course CRN, course number, or complete course name
  • Semester (i.e. Spring 2021)
  • The Panopto video URL
  • Which browser are you using? (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
  • What platform are you using? (Windows, Mac, etc.)
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Service ID: 27464
Thu 5/3/18 11:05 AM
Mon 12/18/23 4:27 PM