Help with Blackboard Learn, Zoom, Qualtrics, Panopto, and non-emergency classroom issues and guidance on the best tech tools to use.

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Blackboard Learn

Services related to Blackboard Learn, Drake's Learning Management System, including training, and course and user assistance.

Services (10)

Academic Space Consultation

Request a consultation to discuss updates to a classroom, meeting room, or other collaborative space. (Faculty/Staff only)

Academic Space Issue

Report any issues with technology in classrooms or meeting spaces, including classroom emergencies.

Academic Technology Consultation

Schedule a customized session, training, or consultation about new or current campus technology, and/or request access to training materials. (Faculty/Staff only)

Online Course Issue

Meet with an instructional technologist for assistance with a technical issue.

Online Course Request

Meet with an instructional technologist to discuss an upcoming course or apply a course layout.

Panopto Issue

Report any errors or issues encountered while using Panopto.

Panopto Video Copy

Copy Panopto videos from another professor's course. (Faculty/Staff only)

Qualtrics Consultation

Schedule a consultation to discuss Qualtrics use.

Video Conferencing Consultation

Schedule a consultation to discuss the appropriate video conferencing solution. (Faculty/Staff only)

Video Conferencing Issue

Report any issues accessing or using video conferencing.