Print Super User Duties/Resources (FAQ)

Every printer/MFD on campus has a designated super user in the department. This person is the primary contact with our vendor, LRI, and is responsible for training users in their area, performing front line troubleshooting, replacing toner and other duties. See below for information to help super users perform this role.

What if there's an issue with my printer/MFD?

First check to see if the machine needs toner, has a paper jam, or other obvious maintenance needed (see directions below and user guide attached at the right). If it's still not working, contact LRI at:

Phone: 888-332-4014

There's an identification number along with the contact information on a sticker on the device. See example below:
LRI Contact sticker example

How do I remove a paper jam/diagnose any issues?

Refer to the Xerox user guide attached at the right. Paper jams and other general issues are covered in the Troubleshooting section.

  • Xerox printers provide alert messages on the control panel when an error or warning condition occurs.
  • Be sure to make note of any error codes or messages you see in case you need to contact LRI for support.
How do I check the usage level of the printer supplies?
  1. From the printer Home screen, touch the Device icon.
  2. Scroll through the list and select Supplies.
  3. The screen will then display the percentage of toner remaining in each cartridge. You can also select Other Supplies.
  4. Touch the Print Supplies Report button to print a one-page summary.

How do I change the toner/waste toner container?

See the video on how to change the toner below:

See the video on how to change the waste container below:

Watch other Xerox support videos.

Where do I get additional supplies including toner, staples, and waste toner containers?

The machine automatically monitors when toner supply levels are low. To avoid printing interruptions, order these items when the alert messages appear on the control panel. Refer to the user guide for replacement instructions in addition to the video links provided in this article.
Toner: LRI’s system will monitor toner levels and auto-ship a new toner cartridge as needed. The auto-ship trigger threshold is 15 days of print usage remaining. Contact LRI to confirm the toner is on order. LRI may periodically experience shipment delays due to supply chain issues. If a printer runs out of toner and will not work, remember that print jobs can be released at any Xerox printer on campus. Refer to the Printer Locations list linked to this article.
Waste Containers: LRI cannot monitor when waste containers need replacement. A message will appear on the control panel indicating that the container is almost full. Contact LRI to order a new waste container. These do not auto-ship. Drum cartridge replacements do not auto-ship.
Staples: Staple cartridge orders will be expensed to the centralized printing budget. When you contact LRI to place an order, use blanket PO# DrakeStaples. The cost for other consumable supplies is included in our LRI maintenance contract.

Phone: 888-332-4014

Some people have experienced issues when communicating with the LRI/Xerox customer service team by phone. Ordering supplies by email might be the easier communication method. Here is an example of the details to include in the email.

Customer: Drake University


ID#:  (the ID is the 4-digit number listed on your printer)

Building Name:

Shipping Address:

Billing Address: 2507 University Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50311

Where do I get paper?

Paper is ordered through Drake's Office Depot or Amazon Business accounts. Standard copy paper options are expensed to a centralized budget. Non-standard paper options like cardstock or colored papers that are not on the shopping lists will be expensed to your departmental budget.

Office Depot

  1. From the home page, select the Shopping List menu option.
  2. In the search field, type "managed print" to filter to the correct paper list.


  1. From the home page, select the Lists menu option.
  2. In the shared with organization section, select Paper List 100000-4820-70000-206.
  3. When you update your p-card statement, use FOAPAL 100000-4820-70000-206 for any paper options ordered from this list.


How do I view a list of print jobs in the queue?
  1. From the printer Home screen, scroll up to find and select the Personalize option. Then select Personalize Home.
  2. On the next screen, touch the + button in the upper left corner.
  3. A list will display with various options. Select Jobs from the list. This will add a Jobs icon to your Home screen.

NOTE: Any customizations made through the Personalize menu will only show for your individual user login on the device where you changed the settings.

What if there's an issue with printing FOAPAL exceptions?

Please submit a Printing FOAPAL Exception request in the IT service portal.

Where do I find out about any printing changes or outages?

ITS posts our updates on our ITS website and our IT service portal, as well as in the OnCampus newsletter.

  • Opt in to receive outage notifications by texting DrakeITSALERTS to phone number 226787. You first need to be signed up to receive Bulldog Alerts by text. Check your Bulldog Alerts Settings in myDrake. 
  • On Twitter? Follow us @DrakeITServices
What do I do if the super user changes?

ITS will maintain a super user contact list that is shared with LRI. Email Alicia Mann in ITS to report a super user change.

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