Printing Envelopes and Other Non-standard Size Documents (Xerox) (How-To)

This article provides instructions for printing envelopes and other non-standard size documents using Microsoft Word for Windows.

NOTE: To print on non-standard paper size (i.e.. 8 ½” X 11” and 8 ½” X 14”), the dimensions of the document must match the dimensions on the printer.

PLEASE NOTE: This is somewhat subtle. For printing to Size 10 envelope on Drake Xerox printers, if you place a Size 10 envelope on tray 5 face down (flaps up) with the short edge towards the rollers on Drake Xerox printers, the only adjustments you need to make are:

  • In Microsoft Office/365 Apps, is as follows: After entering the Delivery address and the Return address (if needed), click on the Feed option in the Envelopes and Labels dialog box, in the Envelope options tab select Envelope size Size 10, switch to the Printing options tab, select the short edge towards the rollers in the center of the bypass tray option (second icon from the right), then change the feed method from Face up to Face down, then select Tray 5 from the Feed from options, then click OK, then proceed with printing.
  • On the Xerox printer after signing in, with the Size option set to the default Letter (8.5 x 11') option, press the Type option, then go to the bottom of the list and select No. 10 Envelope (4.1 x 9.5") option, press Confirm, then proceed with releasing the print job.

Printing Envelopes in Microsoft Word for Windows

1. Settings in Microsoft Word for Windows

  1. Click the Mailings tab and select Envelopes.
  2. Enter delivery and/or return addresses.
    Envelope options
  3. Click the Options... button.

    NOTE: The printer does not allow for sizes with more than one digit past the decimal.  If the option in the drop down has a dimension in fractions or with more than one digit past the decimal, please choose the Custom size... option instead.

    In the Envelope options tab the Envelope size dimensions for Size 10 are 4 1/8 x 9 1/2 in (in fractions) and need to be changed to 4.1 X 9.5 in (in decimal) instead using the Custom size... option.


    Custom size... options
  4. After the Envelope Size dimensions have been changed, click OK then click on the Printing Options tab and choose the tray for the printer. Tray 5 is the bypass tray/multi-purpose tray (MPT).
    Paper Tray options
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click the Print button.
  7. If desired or needed, save the new return address as the default return address.

2. Envelope Settings on Xerox Printer

  1. Place the blank envelope on the printer tray according the to the Feed Method (please see screenshot in step 4 above).
  2. Sign in to the printer (See step 3 of Printing for Faculty & Staff (How-To) for details on signing in).
  3. The envelope on the selected tray (in this case, tray 5 (the bypass tray/multi-purpose tray (MPT)) should bring up the Paper Settings screen on the printer. (If not, re-seat the envelope on the tray.)
    Paper Settings - Tray 5 (Bypass)
  4. Press Custom, Type and/or Color to make any adjustments.
  5. For envelope printing, in needed, press Type and select Envelope.
    Type: Envelope

  6. Press Confirm (upper right).

You're now ready to release your document for printing.

2. Printing Other Non-Standard Size Documents

  1. Click the File tab.
  2. Click Print from the list on the left.
  3. Click the Page Setup link (under the listed Settings options).
  4. Click the Paper tab.
  5. In the Paper size options, select Custom size.
  6. Enter the Width and Height of the non-standard size paper.
  7. in the Paper source options, select the desired/needed output tray for the print job.
    NOTE: Tray 5 is the bypass tray/multi-purpose tray (MPT).
  8. Click OK.
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