What to Do After Password Reset: Drake-Owned Mac Computers (How-to)

Here are the steps needed on any Drake-owned Mac to ensure your password reset is effective.

NOTE: Drake faculty and staff should always change their Drake password on their Drake-owned computer while on campus and while connected to Drake's wired network (Ethernet). After changing your Drake password, immediately update your Drake password on your other devices. Failure to do so will result in your account being temporarily locked.

Also NOTE: If your Drake-owned Mac is encrypted and running macOS Catalina or above, you will need to submit a Software Issue request after completing this process to have a campus tech re-sync FileVault 2 and Active Directory passwords. 

1. After Password Reset

  1. Make sure your Mac is connected to the campus wired network (Ethernet).
  2. Restart your Mac.

2. Log In

  1. Make sure your Mac is connected to the campus wired network (Ethernet).
  2. Log in to your Mac with your previous password.
  3. Open the Apple menu and select Log Out <your name>.
    [Note: If there is a red dot in the Name field or in the far right part of your Menu Bar, please wait until the red dot disappears before attempting to log in. (It may take a couple minutes for the red dot to disappear.) FYI, the red dot indicates whether or not the Mac has a connection to our Active Directory server]
  4. Log in to your Mac with your new password.

3. Login Keychain

If you are prompted to update your Login Keychain.

  • If you know your previous Drake password:
    Click Update Keychain Password and enter your previous Drake password.
  • If you do not know your previous Drake password:
    Click Create New Keychain.
  • Do not click Continue Log In.

    Keychain Image

4. Eduroam, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Printing

  • Re-connect to Eduroam wireless network using your Drake email address and new password.
  • Launch Microsoft Outlook. Outlook should ask you to update your password. If it does, enter your new password. If it doesn't, you may need to wait 5-10 minutes for the password change to propagate then click on the Sync button in the toolbar then enter your new password.
  • Launch Microsoft Teams. Enter your new password when Teams asks you to update your password.
  • Test printing to confirm your printing password has been updated. If it hasn't, enter your new password when asked to update your password