Using Duo Without Cellular Service or While Traveling (How-to)

Duo is able to facilitate authentication even when you lack cell service, or when using your mobile device could incur additional or unexpected charges, such as when traveling internationally, or when your phone plan charges for incoming calls or text messages.

Note: In order to use these options, activate your device(s) through the self-service portal at, or by contacting the ITS Support Center (including, if applicable, downloading and installing the Duo Mobile App) BEFORE you travel.

Duo Mobile App

You can use passcodes generated from the Duo Mobile app, even when your mobile device is in airplane mode or lacks cell service.

  1. Open the app and tap the Passcode button. Depending on your device, this button may say Generate PasscodeGenerate Token Code, or may be an image of a key.

    Duo passcode screenshot
  2. Enter the provided code within the Passcode field of the Duo authentication screen. If authenticating to the Drake VPN, enter the code in the password field following your password and a comma (","). For example, given the username 'bob', with the password 'password123', and the Passcode from the screenshot above, you would enter:

    username: bob
    password: password123,79150

Text Message

If you do not have the Duo Mobile app installed on a mobile device, or if your device isn't capable of installing apps, you can request a batch of passcodes to be sent via text message to your device before you depart.

From a web-based Duo verification screen, press Send SMS passcodes. You will receive eight (8) single-use codes via text message, which will allow you to authenticate up to eight times during your travel. You will need to request the passcodes BEFORE you leave, or while in an area with cell service, as you will need a cell connection to receive the text message on your phone.

You may request additional batches of passcodes while in areas with cell service (your carrier’s roaming or international texting rates will apply). Requesting a new batch of passcodes will invalidate any unused codes from the previous batch.


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