Calculating Grades in Blackboard Learn (How-to)

See Calculating Grades to learn more.

Assigning Automatic Zeros in Blackboard Learn Ultra Courses

Learn Ultra Courses allow you to assign automatic zeros if the assignment or assessment have a due date that has passed and no work has been submitted. See Assigning Automatic Zeros to learn more information.

Note: If you want to exempt grades by using null (--) grades, the automatic zeros setting must be off (unchecked).

Drop the Lowest Score in Blackboard Learn

Ultra Courses

In order for the lowest score or scores to be dropped from a student's grades, you must create at least one Category in the Grade Center. A Category is created to group multiple grade columns of the same activity type. The newly created Category should include the Grade Center columns from which the dropped scores will be identified.

1. Building Categories

From the Gradebook, click on Settings, scroll down to Grade Categories and either find default categories (with identifiable icons) you can use or Add New Categories (with blank icons) that meet your needs. Find more information on Creating and Managing Gradebook Categories.

2. Choose Overall Grade calculation type: Points or Weighted

  1. Getting to the Overall Grade Calculation Details: From within the same location of Gradebook and Settings, click on Manage Overall Grade Settings.  You can also get to this Overall Grade Calculation Details page from the Gradebook and clicking on the column or item called Overall Grade and navigating to the Calculation Details.
  2. The overall grade must be setup for Points or Weighted scores in order to Drop the Lowest Score easily. NOTE: There is an Advanced formula approach, but it will not be covered in this article. 

3. Using Categories to Drop the Lowest Score from a Group of Columns

  1. For each of the categories where you need to drop scores, click Edit calculation rules, you will see a peek panel appear on the right > click Enable.
    1. NOTE: Edit calculation rules will not appear for single columns or items, it must be for a Category. 
  2. Select Drop Scores from the options in the Category panel and enter a number of items to drop, then Continue.


DISCLAIMER: If the lowest grade is dropped in a category where there are only two or fewer grades, the overall grade calculation will not likely be correct if one of the two items are not complete.

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