Adding and Reordering Sections/Pages (How-to)

Web pages within TerminalFour are referred to as sections or pages. You can add a section/page either through Direct Edit or Site Structure access. If you need to reorder them, however, you'll have to use Site Structure.

1. Adding a Section/Page in Site Structure

  1. Sections are always added underneath the section selected.
  2. Click on the Actions menu and select + Create section.
  3. A window will pop up so you can enter your section details. Add a name (this will show at the top of your section), and determine if you want the section to show in navigation or not. Be sure to save your changes when you're done. NOTE: You can also toggle the Status of the section to make it pending or inactive instead of Approved.
  4. You'll now see your new section nested below your original section. Sections are always added below, and you can now add content to it.
Adding a new Section GIF
New section location screenshot

2. Adding a Section/Page in Direct Edit

  1. Click Add page at the top of the menu bar.
  2. In the Create new page pop up window, provide a Page name.
  3. Click + Create page.
  4. The text at the top of the page will show you where your section has been added. Now you are able to add content.
Add page screenshot
Create new page pop up screenshot
Breadcrumbs screenshot

3. Reordering Sections/Pages

  1. Go to the section above where your section is nested.
  2. Click on the Actions menu and select Edit section.
  3. In the pop up window, go to the More tab and select Child Sections.
  4. Use the map arrows to drag your sections to reorder them. The newest section will always be added to the bottom of the list.
  5. Be sure to Save changes when you've got the sections reordered.
Reordering sections GIF