Understanding Direct Edit Access (How-to)

There are two paths to access the back end of the TerminalFour system in order to make changes to your department or college website. Below is information on Direct Edit access, which involves going directly to the page where you want to make edits, and logging in from there. You will get the best results editing the website using Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer/Edge. Google Chrome is not recommended for editing the Drake website.

NOTE: If you try and access Direct Edit from a page you don't have rights to update, you will get an error message.

1. Accessing Direct Edit

  1. Click on the © (copyright symbol) on the bottom of the web page you want to edit. Depending on page style, it will either be in the lower left or the lower right of the page. You will get a log in screen and need to enter your Drake ID number and standard password. NOTE: If you try and access Direct Edit from a page you don't have rights to update, you will see an error message.
Click on the copyright symbol in the lower left corner of the webpage to access Direct Edit

2. Direct Edit View

  1. Once you've logged in, a menu bar will appear with options on the left. The menu items include the options to toggle out of Edit mode, and to preview to test changes before you approve them. You can also Exit direct edit to either change to the Site Structure access, or log out of the system if you're done making changes.

Image showing the Direct Edit menu at the left of the screen

3. Content Options

  1. If you need to add an additional piece of content, click on +INSERT CONTENT. +INSERT CONTENT is visible above and below any content blocks already on the page.
  2. If you want to edit text, images, or links within the content you already have on the page, click anywhere in the text block within the dotted line to access the editing toolbar.
Screen shot showing options for adding and editing content

4. Editing Icons

  1. Clicking in a content block will bring up several editing icons. Click on the icon to perform your desired action.
    • The map arrows icon allows you to move content to reorder its place on the page (if there are multiple content blocks on that page/section).
    • The pencil icon allows you to edit content in a pop up window that appears with editing tools to make changes to the text, images, or links within your content. NOTE: Be sure you don't have pop up windows blocked in your browser.
    • The trash can icon allows you to mark content as deleted.
Screenshot of icons that show up when you click to edit content

5. Editing Content

  1. This is what you will see if you click edit content. This will come up in a pop up window. You will then be able to make changes. Be sure to save when you're done.
Edit Content Pop Up Window
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