Adding Videos (How-to)

These instructions will show you how to add YouTube or Vimeo video content to your webpage through Direct Edit access. The instructions are for a YouTube video, but the process is nearly identical for a Vimeo video. NOTE: You cannot add videos to the Media Library, you must link to a video posted on either YouTube or Vimeo.
  1. Go to the portion of your section (page) where you want to add content and click on + Add Content.
  2. Select the Youtube Player content type and click the + Insert button.
  3. Find the YouTube video that you would like to add and highlight the 11 digits following the "v=" from the URL.
  4. Enter the Name of the video (for your reference only).
  5. Paste the Youtube Video ID code that you copied from the URL. It's always the 11 characters following the ?v=.
  6. Be sure to Save changes.

Your video content will now show on your section (page).

Gif of actions described above to add a video

NOTE: This video will repeat three times. To view again after that, please refresh the page.