Reverting to an Earlier Version of your Content (How-to)

These instructions will give step-by-step directions to revert content to a previous version by using the content history function.

1. Version History Listing

To revert a piece of content, go to the content you'd like to roll back to an earlier version of through Site Structure, and go to Edit Content.

  1. From the content editing option, go to the History tab. Here you'll see the entire version history of this piece of content.
  2. The current version is indicated by a green dot. In this case it's the most recent version.
Version history for this piece of content screenshot

2. Select Versions to Compare

  1. Check the boxes next to the two versions you want to compare. You can only compare two versions at a time.
  2. Click Compare selected. Until you select at least two options, the Compare selected button will not be activated.
Selecting versions to compare screenshot

3. Content History

  1. This is the text from the most recent version.
  2. This is the text from the earlier version.
  3. Before you click Back, make sure you note the version number you want to be your current version.

Content history screenshot

4. Make Current

  1. Go to the Actions menu next to the version you want to make current.
  2. Click on the down arrow and select Make current.
Make Current screenshot

5. Save and Approve

  1. Make sure you Save and approve to change to the new content version.

Save and approve