Viewing your Student's Grades in myDrake (How-to)

Parents can see their student's midterm and final grades, unofficial transcript, or hold(s) on his/her account only if they are given access. This is not the same as being given access to the payment system, they are two completely different systems. Please follow the instructions in Getting Parent Access to myDrake (How-to). This article is also linked at the right. Only once you have access will you see your student's information. For information on parent access to myDrake, see

1. Log into myDrake

1. Go to the myDrake Campus Portal

Follow the instructions at Using myDrake for Parents (How-to) to log into myDrake or just go to using your favorite browser.

  1. After you log in using your Drake ID and password, you'll land on the Parent Home page.
  2. Click the link for View Student Academic Profile in the Commonly Used Apps section.
Screenshot of Parent Home page in myDrake

2. From the WEB4PARENT Menu Screen

  1. Select Show Student Information.
WEB4PARENT Menu Screen


3. Select your Student

  1. Use the menu to Select a Student (you will see any and all students you have access to) and click Submit.
Student Selection screen

4. Student Information Menu

  1. Select View Final Grades, or Midterm Grades, or Unofficial Transcript or Holds. It will only show you the pages you are authorized to see.
  2. If you have more than one student, click Select another Student to view the pages they have authorized you to view.

Show Student Information screen

5. Term Selection

  1. Use the menu to Select a Term. You will only be able to see grades that are currently available. For information on when grades are posted for each semester, visit
  2. Click Submit.

Once you click submit, you'll see your student's grade for a given term.

Final Grades term selection


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