Microsoft 365 Applications and Tools

Microsoft 365 offers a suite of applications for collaboration, communication, and productivity. Below are the applications and related tools offered by Drake ITS listed in alphabetical order:

NOTE: While Drake ITS supports the installation of Microsoft 365 as a whole, support/training is not offered for most individual applications. Exceptions are indicated below along with links to curated resources and recorded Microsoft training courses. Some features shown in training resources may not be available in Drake's Microsoft 365 environment.


Create, edit, and view spreadsheets using formatting and data analysis tools. Any Excel spreadsheets shared in a Team site can also be edited using Teams.


Use Forms to collect data via surveys, quizzes, and polls and visualize the data using graphs or Excel. Forms can also be added to an individual Team site or group chat. Creation of Forms is limited to Drake faculty and staff but all Drake users can submit responses.


Outlook is an email and calendaring tool that lets you schedule meetings, share calendars, and communicate. Drake email is the official means of communication on campus.


myDrake is Drake's campus portal, a website that serves as a launch pad to access other sites, online tools, and organizational content. Because myDrake is built with Microsoft 365, you can access the online versions of other Microsoft applications and tools from the myDrake menu. See below for links to the service portal to request assistance or report an issue, as well as our how to articles in the myDrake knowlege base category.


OneDrive is a cloud-based storage solution that allows anytime file access, editing, and collaboration. OneDrive is the only supported solution for cloud storage and file backup on campus and can be accessed on its own or through Teams.


OneNote lets you take digital notes that can incorporate drawings, photos, and text that are accessible on multiple devices and can be shared easily. OneNote can also be incorporated into Teams.


Create electronic presentations to share your information using a collection of individual slides. You can also collaborate with colleagues using online editing features and share your presentations in Teams meetings.


Teams combines group chat, calendars and file sharing into one location. It can be used for real-time collaboration and communication, and allows you to schedule small group or team virtual meetings. Drake also uses Teams for their office calling.


Create and share lists, add due dates and reminders, plan your day, and connect with Outlook tasks. Tasks can also be integrated into Teams.


View, edit, and create documents. Any Word docs shared in a Team site can also be collaboratively edited.


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