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Changing Your Password (How-to)

NOTE: If you are an incoming student, your default password has been set to your birthdate in the following format: MmmDDYYYY! (example: Jan011997!). Faculty and staff need to be on campus, using their Drake-owned computer, to change their password.

1. Go to the Password Manager

To begin this process you can:

  1.  Click the Change your Password link on the blueView login screen.
  2. Go to in any browser.
blueView or login

2. Sign In

  1. Enter your Username (Drake ID number or email address).
  2. Enter your current or default Password.
  3. Click Sign In.
Password Manager Sign In screen

3. Change Password

  1. Click Change Password.
Change Password

4. Change Password: Step 1

  1. Click the arrow to view your verification method options.

Change Password: Step 1

5. Select your Verification Method

Depending on previously provided recovery information, you will be prompted to verify your identity before you can change your password. You can choose between using a non-Drake email address, a mobile phone number for text messaging or supplying answers to security questions.

Following are steps to take when selecting each of these methods.

Verification Method Options

6. Using an Email Address for Verification

  1. Enter your Email Address. It should match the partially obscured email in the top field.
  2. Click Send Code.
  3. Go to Step 9.

Email Verification Method

7. Using a Mobile Phone Number for Verification

  1. Enter your Mobile Phone Number. It should match the partially obscured phone number in the top field.
  2. Click Send Code.
  3. Go to Step 9.

Mobile Phone Number Verification Method

8. Using Security Questions for Verification

  1. Enter the answers to the Security Questions you chose. The questions below are just examples. NOTE: Answers are not case-sensitive.
  2. Click Submit.

Once you Submit, as long as your answers are correct, you'll be taken to the screen to change your password. Go to Step 10.

Security Questions Verification Method

9. Enter Verification Code

  1. Enter the verification code you received. In this example, it's showing what the screen looks like if you requested the code via text message.
  2. Click Submit.

Verification Code Example

10. Change Password

  1. Enter a New Password. It must follow the guidelines indicated.
  2. Confirm New Password by entering the password a second time.
  3. Click Change Password.

Change Password Screen

11. Success!

Make sure to immediately update your other devices with your new password so you can continue to access the wireless network and email on each.

Success! Message