Working Remotely (Best Practices)

When emergencies happen, there are ITS-supported technological tools and processes available for you to use to keep working even if you can’t be on campus. Whenever possible, it’s best to work using your Drake-owned computer, but if you need to use a personal device, you can access myDrake and Teams using any Internet browser.

To prepare to work remotely, be sure you have the following:

  • Your Drake-owned laptop, or a personally-owned Windows or Mac computer (including power adaptor)
  • A reliable Internet connection
  • Access to Microsoft Teams (via the desktop app on your computer or from myDrake)
  • A headset or headphones with a microphone to use for virtual meetings (a webcam is helpful too, but not required)
  • Access to Drake’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) if you’re a Banner user (see below for how to request if needed)
  • Individual files backed up to OneDrive cloud storage (see below for more information)

myDrake is Drake's campus portal, a website that serves as a launch pad to access other sites, online tools, and organizational content. You can access myDrake, and all of its connected sites/tools including email, MyDUSIS, Microsoft Teams, Blackboard from anywhere with a web connection by going to myDrake can be used on all Internet browsers on computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Microsoft Teams/OneDrive

Everyone with a email account has access to Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a product that combines tools and resources such as group chat, calendars, and file sharing into one location using the Office 365 platform.

You can access Teams from the My Teams button in the Commonly Used Apps section of myDrake. From there you can access shared files and any personal files backed up to OneDrive. When you use Teams online, you can create, update, work collaboratively on, and save documents directly to the cloud regardless of what device you’re using. Microsoft Teams also has apps for iOS or Android devices.

Additionally, you can use Teams to hold virtual meetings, either as part of a Team or an individual or group chat, no matter where everyone is located.

NOTE: To participate in a Teams meeting you'll need to use the Teams desktop app, the web version of Teams in a Chrome or Edge browser, or the app for your iOS or Android mobile device. Teams meetings don't work in Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

If you haven’t already started using OneDrive to back up your files, follow the instructions below to ensure you have cloud access to your important documents.


You can access your email from myDrake by going to the My Email button in the Commonly Used Apps section. You’ll be able to use your email and calendar through the online version of Outlook. Additionally, you can chat and share files individually, or in groups, with anyone at Drake (or who uses Teams) through the chat function in Teams.


You are encouraged to set up Duo multi factor authentication (MFA) on more than one device in case you don’t have your mobile phone available or are not in the office. Use the instructions below to modify your approved Duo devices.

Once you’ve set your options, you can then choose where Duo will send the authentication request when you’re logging in.


With Teams calling, you can call from your office extension, or receive calls to your extension from your computer or from your cell phone (using the Teams app) no matter where you are.

Banner 9 Admin Pages

ITS has created a Citrix Workspace application to access Banner 9 Administrative Pages.

All users of Banner 9 Administrative Pages have been given access to the new application. The use of Citrix Workspace allows you to work remotely and removes the requirement of using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), while still maintaining the security of the Banner system. For Citrix Workspace installation instructions, see the guides in this ITS Knowledge Base category.

NOTE: If you have already installed Citrix Workspace, you do not need to reinstall it.


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It ensures that the data sent and received through an Internet connection is safe and secured and allows for a connection to resources on Drake's network, while working from off-campus.

The VPN allows you to access resources that would normally only be available from on campus including:

  • Pyramid Analytics (continuing current practice)
  • Mapped files including those on Z, P, or T drives
  • Certain test websites

You do not need to use VPN to access myDrake, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, or any other key Drake systems from off-campus. Banner Admin pages may be accessed from Citrix Workspace.

You can request VPN access by submitting a VPN Access to Drake Network request.

Looking for information on teaching or advising at a distance? See Preparing for Distance Teaching and Advising (Best Practices) .


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