Popular Services

Request assistance troubleshooting software failures, configuration issues, and error messages.

Fix errors or difficulties with printing from your computer.

Report any errors or issues encountered while using Blackboard.

Submit a request to start the process of evaluating a potential technology project or enhancement. (Faculty/staff only)

Submit an alumni-related data request. (Faculty/Staff only)

Report any issue(s) you may be having with Banner/DUSIS. (Faculty/Staff only)

Report any problems you may be having with door access.

Report any problems accessing the wireless network, including wireless coverage issues or poor performance.

Report any issues with office telephones. (Faculty/Staff only)

Report any problems sending or receiving messages with a Drake email account.

Instructors can request to have users added to or removed from their Blackboard course. (Faculty/Staff only)

Request that a hardware component of a Drake-owned computer be repaired or replaced. (Faculty/Staff only)

Request to remotely install software to a lab, department, or individual Drake-owned computer(s). (Faculty/Staff only)

Request a permanent merge of two Banner/DUSIS ID numbers and all data associated with them. (Faculty/Staff only)

Change a faculty or staff email address. (HR Staff only)

Drake University provides printing services through LRI supported printers and devices. All printing support will be addressed at user and device level to ensure proper diagnosis and resolution of the issue.

Request assistance with getting a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to have encrypted remote access to the Drake network. (Faculty/Staff only)

Request the purchase of a Drake-owned computer. (Faculty/Staff only)

Report any email you receive that you think might be a phishing attempt.

Request changes to Banner/Drake University Student Information System (DUSIS) forms access. (Faculty/Staff only)

Request a new telephone for a new or current employee. (Faculty/Staff only)

Upgrade the operating system (OS) on your Drake-issued to computer to a newer major version. (Faculty/Staff only)

Move an office telephone from one location to another on campus. (Faculty/Staff only)

Configure voicemail to be re-directed to your email as a sound file attachment. (Faculty/Staff only)

Request pricing and/or purchase Adobe software licenses. (Faculty/Staff only)