Popular Services

Report any issue(s) you may be having with Banner/DUSIS. (Faculty/Staff only)

Campus key request for any Drake student, faculty or staff member

Request adjustments to cardholder access or building schedule changes (Faculty/Staff only)

Request a software download, installation, price quote, or purchase.

Fix errors or difficulties with printing from your computer.

Request that a hardware component of a Drake-owned computer be repaired or replaced. (Faculty/Staff only)

Report an issue with campus-supported software.

Report any issues with Teams calling or office or common area telephones. (Faculty/Staff only)

Drake University provides printing services through LRI supported printers and devices. All printing support will be addressed at user and device level to ensure proper diagnosis and resolution of the issue.

Report any problems sending or receiving messages with a Drake email account.

Report any problems using Drake-supported storage systems (Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, etc.)

Request removal of Drake-owned computer equipment that is no longer in use. (Faculty/Staff only)

Meet with an instructional technologist to discuss an upcoming course.

Report any errors or issues encountered while using Blackboard.

Request the purchase of a Drake-owned computer. (Faculty/Staff only)

Submit an alumni-related data request. (Faculty/Staff only)

Request changes to Banner/Drake University Student Information System (DUSIS) forms access. (Faculty/Staff only)

Report an issue you are experiencing with the myDrake portal.

Blackboard course merge requests are used to combine all student and instructor enrollments from two or more courses into a “parent” course to avoid having to replicate and update the same content across multiple courses offered in the same semester. (Faculty/Staff only)

Request a telephone number for a new or current employee. (Faculty/Staff only)

Instructors can request to have users added to or removed from their Blackboard course. (Faculty/Staff only)

Report any issues with technology in classrooms or meeting spaces.

Request adjustments to card access lists (Designated list approvers only)

Blackboard consultations or training requests are available to individual faculty, adjunct instructors, groups of faculty, and staff seeking to learn about the tools for development offered within Blackboard. (Faculty/Staff only)

Report any problems accessing the eduroam wireless network, including wireless coverage issues or poor performance.