Office telephones, conference phones, and voicemail request and repair services. (Faculty/Staff only)

Services (9)

Audio Conferencing Request

Request a new audio conferencing number or make changes to an existing number. (Faculty/Staff only)

Cell Phone Request

Request a new Drake-owned cell phone or make changes to an existing cell phone plan. (Faculty/Staff only)

Polycom Conference Telephone Request

Request a conference phone for a meeting. (Faculty/Staff only)

Telephone Issue

Report any issues with office telephones. (Faculty/Staff only)

Telephone Move or Change

Move an office telephone from one location to another on campus. (Faculty/Staff only)

Telephone Name Change

Change the name being displayed on Caller ID if it's incorrect or needs to be updated. (Faculty/Staff only)

Telephone Request

Request a new telephone for a new or current employee. (Faculty/Staff only)

Voicemail Box Creation

Have voicemail created for a new hire or different user's office telephone. (Faculty/Staff only)

Voicemail Forwarding to Email

Configure voicemail to be re-directed to your email as a sound file attachment. (Faculty/Staff only)