My Recently Visited Services

Report any issues with office telephones. (Faculty/Staff only)

Move an office telephone from one location to another on campus. (Faculty/Staff only)

Report any issue(s) you may be having with Banner/DUSIS. (Faculty/Staff only)

Get assistance with setting up wireless network access on a computer or mobile device or repairing an existing set-up.

Report any VDI access issues.

Report any issues you may be having with MyDUSIS.

Report any issues with technology in classrooms or meeting spaces.

Install a surplus networked HP printer. (Faculty/Staff only)

Report any issues downloading software

Report an issue you are experiencing with the myDrake portal.

Request assistance with accessing MyDUSIS tools. (Faculty/Staff only)

Request printer account assistance with issues including insufficient funds or balance or charging problems. Not for requesting printing refunds.

Report any problems accessing the wireless network, including wireless coverage issues or poor performance.

Report any access issues with Slate. (Faculty/Staff only)

Submit an inquiry to the ITS Information Security team.

Request a consultation to discuss the creation of a new faculty WordPress website or the addition of new themes or plugins for an existing website. (Faculty/Staff only)

Consultation to discuss the appropriate synchronous video conferencing solution. (Faculty/Staff only)

Request assistance with any issues with VPN access to the Drake network from off-campus. (Faculty/Staff only)

Blackboard course merge requests are used to combine all student and instructor enrollments from two or more courses into a “parent” course to avoid having to replicate and update the same content across multiple courses offered in the same semester. (Faculty/Staff only)

Temporary Blackboard guest accounts can be created for special cases such as guest lectures or visiting students from another institution. (Faculty/Staff only)

Report an issue with uploading a report into ePrint. (Faculty/Staff only)

Request additional training or assistance as a current user of the campus digital signage system. (Faculty/Staff only)

This service is used to assist Drake Card users having problems printing due to funds.

Information on registration of connected devices to the Drake wired network including requests for related services.

Request assistance in configuring your Drake email in Outlook, or on your Android, or iOS device.