My Recently Visited Services

Submit an alumni-related data request. (Faculty/Staff only)

Report any issues you may be having with MyDUSIS.

Schedule a training session and/or request access to training materials for a technology currently supported by Drake. (Faculty/Staff only)

Report an issue you are experiencing with the myDrake portal.

Request the purchase of a Drake-owned computer. (Faculty/Staff only)

Report any issues with office telephones. (Faculty/Staff only)

Report any issues with technology in classrooms or meeting spaces.

Request an update to an ePrint distribution list. (Faculty/Staff only)

Information on registration of connected devices to the Drake wired network including requests for related services.

Schedule a customized session or consultation to investigate learning about new or current campus technology. (Faculty/Staff only)

Request a Banner/DUSIS patch or upgrade needed prior to the next scheduled upgrade window. (Faculty/Staff only)

Submit a request to start the process of evaluating a potential technology project or enhancement. (Faculty/staff only)

This service is for the content owner (instructor) to request sharing/copying of their Blackboard course content into another instructor's Blackboard course. (Faculty/Staff only)

Report any issues with the Drake Business Intelligence portal (Drake BI) including Drake BI reporting. (Faculty/Staff only)

Request for changes to an existing email distribution group to add or remove addresses, update responsible party or individual, and adjust permissions. (Faculty/Staff only)

Request access to the Business Intelligence (Drake BI) portal. (Faculty/Staff only)

Request additional training or assistance as a current user of the campus digital signage system. (Faculty/Staff only)

Request assistance in configuring your Drake email in Outlook, or on your Android, or iOS device.

Blackboard consultations or training requests are available to individual faculty, adjunct instructors, groups of faculty, and staff seeking to learn about the tools for development offered within Blackboard. (Faculty/Staff only)

Report any issues downloading software.

Report access issue with Virtual EMS, Drake's online room scheduling system. (Faculty/Staff only)

Creation of a new electronic calendar to be added to an existing email account or used independently. (Faculty/Staff only)

Report any email you receive that you think might be a phishing attempt.

Request to allow others to be email delegates to personal or shared email accounts. Delegates are able to read and manage emails, send as or send on behalf of email account owner. (Faculty/Staff only)

Creation of a new storage location as needed for an ad-hoc group or class.